About Box Beat

stone oak box training for weight loss and strength conditioning
BOX BEAT is an authentic Boxing Gym that provides training for all levels from beginner to pro for every type of man, woman and child. Members of Box Beat receive the same training, perform the same drills, and undergo the same technique development as professional boxers.

Our mission is to help you achieve your goal, whether that be: weight loss (800-1000 calories per session), strengthening and conditioning, fine tuning athletic skills, cross training or to become a competitive boxer.

Boxing is rated the most difficult sport by ESPN.COM. With pro fighter, Eddie “The Hunter” Ortiz and amateur fighters Logan Luna, Adrian Rodriguez & Kenyon “Dom Walker ” and a team of professional trainers, you will train like a professional fighter. We have the best trainers for the world’s toughest sport. We take pride in getting our members in the best shape possible!

Get your body fitness work with our boxing training times available every week