Luz Ortiz with Box Beat

Luz Ortiz

Experience: Training using boxing since 2014. Coaching since 2016. Practice many sports throughout my life always been very involved in health and fitness…
What do you like about your job: Helping people achieve their goals and getting them healthier. Love to see transformations and making people feel good.
Interest Outside of Work or Hobby: Family, Tennis, Cycling
Favorite Sport/Team: Tennis Rafael Nadal
Best time of the day: Morning
Defining Moment: Becoming a mother
If life gives you lemons: Drink tequila….
From: Mexico
Favorite meal: All Vegetarian meals
Life Motto: Work Hard / Play Hard

Adrian Rodriguez
Senior Trainer

Experience: Been in boxing over 20 years as a fighter and trainer. Played sports and working out has been a big part of my life.
What do you like about your job: Helping others achieve their goals and keeping the art of boxing alive.
Interest Outside of Work or Hobby: Basketball and swimming
Favorite Sport/Team: Boxing & The Spurs.  Yankees & NY Giants
Best time of the day: Waking up. Blessed with another day.
Defining moment: Becoming a DAD
If life gives you lemons: Pray. Weather the storm and this too shall pass.
From: Brooklyn, NY
Motto: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Logan Luna
Junior Trainer

Experience: 2 years of boxing experience, training amateurs, pros, etc. Have been strength and conditioning training for about 6 years.
What do you like about your job: I like the fact that I don’t consider it to be work, I love what I do and enjoy helping people reach their full potential.
Interest Outside of Work or Hobby: playing with my dogs and enjoying the outdoors.
Favorite Sport/Team: San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys.
Best time of the day: Doesn’t matter
If life gives you lemons: That’s one less thing to buy at HEB.
From: San Antonio, TX
Favorite meal: healthy-chicken and rice w/ veggies.
Cheat meal: Pizza of course.


Eddie Ortiz

What do you like about your job: Being closer and more invested into the sport I love and take up as my profession.
Interest Outside of Work or Hobby: Hanging out with my son.
Favorite Sport/Team: Go Spurs Go!
Best time of the day: Anytime I am training.
If life gives you lemons:  Take them and enjoy.
From: San Antonio, TX
Motto: Don’t worry about crap until you step in it.

Wendy Rodriguez

Experience: I’ve been in a boxing gym for the last 13 years. It’s my favorite work out. I’m also YogaFit certified.
What do you like about your job: I love teaching people the sport of boxing and helping them achieve their fitness goals. It’s a life style change, so anything I can do to help them change their lifestyle and hit their fitness and wellness goals, makes me a happy trainer!
Interest outside of work or hobby: Hanging with my kids and family. Crossing off bucket list items.
Favorite sport/team: Spurs of course! And we are always hosting boxing nights at our house.
Best time of day:  At night when everyone sleeping, so I can get stuff done.
Defining moment: Bringing my two children into the world
If life gives you lemons: Throw them back and ask for diamonds instead. Can’t get what you don’t ask for!
From: San Antonio but cali girl at heart
Favorite meal: Sushi!


Kenyon “Dom” Walker

Experience: Boxing for six years. 2017 LBC heavyweight champion, 2017 San Antonio gloves heavyweight champion. Strength and conditioning training 10+ years
What do you like about your job: I love that I get paid to be close to the sport that I love
Interest outside of work or hobby: Eating, food is life.
Favorite sport/team: Boxing & Football WE DEM BOYS!!!
Best time of day: TRAINING TIME!
Defining moment: Looking into my sons big brown eyes for the first time.
If life gives you lemons: Slice them in half and squeeze them over tacos 🌮
From: San Antonio
Favorite meal: Smothered pork chops with brown gravy over white rice and sweet cornbread… Don’t you judge me!
Life motto: “In this life there’s heroes and legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die” – Sandlot